Our objective is to provide your Kingdom Hall the very best service possible at a fair rate, and help you save dedicated funds at the same time.  Our payment method helps us time and save money and it complies with your audit requirements. 

Please consider that we deal with hundreds of congregations with brothers constantly moving from one congregation to another.

Monthly paper billing is extremely time consuming and expensive. Credit card charges on an auto withdrawal monthly is expensive, time consuming and is not practical.  Why?  KHs do not have a credit cards therefore brothers use their personal cards. Brothers move without telling us or they change cards without telling us. Even more time is consumed just trying to find another brother with a card he is willing to use.

Brothers often change their email addresses and phone numbers. Now that practically everyone has a cell phone, numbers change more often. To make things even worse the majority of Kingdom Halls do NOT have a physical mail box. (Maybe yours does but most do NOT) To top it off most brothers do NOT notify us when any of their circumstances change, so we are left in the dark so to speak.

The Kingdom Halls in North America are located in six (7) different time zones, (Newfoundland to Hawaii) congregation meetings vary as to time and day. Keep in mind their telephone are answered only at certain times just before or after a meeting, this makes it next to impossible to contact the right person by calling the Kingdom Hall.

The results are, that a great deal of (parcel post) mail is returned as undeliverable and emails have been changed and undeliverable or the brother does not handle this assignment anymore. (A few notify us most do NOT)

Our service is appreciated by all congregations who use it, however trying to collect payments for the service has tested us to the limit.

In the past we have spent more time just trying to collect payments than the entire time spent maintaining the service.  The profit margin for the service we provide is so slim that it could be considered an act of love.

From a business stand point, many would quickly conclude that the time spent providing this service and trying to collect the funds to run it to be a waste of valuable time. We don't feel that way however!

We sincerely hope you can appreciate our position on this matter and have a broader view with regards the simplified PAYMENT SCHEDULE which we now provide to every congregation or Kingdom Hall subscribing to our services.









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