Our objective is to provide first rate service, for each Kingdom Hall we serve, at a reasonable rate. 

Please consider that we deal with hundreds of congregations with brothers constantly moving from one congregation to another and or changing their email addresses and phone numbers.

We have certain information that needs to be conveyed to your congregation from time to time. 

We provide an email report to your congregation Gmail after each meeting. The report contains a link to the recording of that meeting.  By having a congregation Gmail account, if your BOE permits it, each elder or service group overseer can receive a copy of the Gmail and either listen to the recording or send a LINK to the ones who missed the meeting.  All of your meetings are recorded and may be made available to APPROVED brothers in your congregation 24/7.

You may want to either directly forward all emails from the Gmail to group overseers email addresses or set up a filter in your congregation Gmail and automatically forward ONLY the reports with the recording link to your approved brothers email address. The group overseer can view the meeting report to see who in his group listened in and contact them to see if they are ok. In addition he can provide a link to any missed meeting recording for some one who is not approved to listen by phone but wants to hear the recording.


In addition we sometimes need to communicate certain information to your congregation about changes in the service, billing information etc. Obviously a problem arises if that information never gets to your congregation.

SECURITY: The administrator of the congregation Gmail account can automatically forward the recording reports with email link to your approved brothers.

He can change the password at any time, if there is a need to change the Gmail administrator.  Simply change the password.

 The congregation Gmail address or addresses are perpetual and never have to change.

Brothers often change their email addresses and phone numbers. Now that practically everyone has a cell phone, numbers change more often and so do email addresses.

We are charged for each email sent from our conference bridge, whether it's a good or bad address, delivered or undelivered!

The results are, that a great number of emails are returned as undeliverable and many emails that have been delivered are to those who have moved to a different congregation. That is a waste of time and funds and if it continues we will need to drop this valuable feature or  increases the cost of the service we provide.

In the past we have spent more time, just trying to correct bad email addresses than the entire time spent maintaining the conference service.  The profit margin for the service we provide is so slim that it could be considered an act of love. 

From a business stand point, many would quickly conclude that the time spent trying to correct hundreds bad email addresses to be a waste of valuable time.

We sincerely hope you can appreciate our position on this matter and have a broader view with regards your congregation Gmail account.



RECORDING MEETING LINKS: Not everyone is approved to listen to meetings by phone! What about those who are not approved listeners and they miss a meeting? Each meeting is recorded and a link for the recording is sent to your congregation Gmail address after each meeting. Group overseers can receive a copy of each Gmail with recording link and pass the link along to those individuals who missed a meeting.  No one need miss a meeting.  Each congregation must have its own congregation Gmail address to receive their recording links.  




Why Gmail?  There are features of Gmail used to enhance your conferencing experience.


If your Kingdom Hall shares PINS with other congregations meeting in your auditorium you only need ONE congregation Gmail account for the title holding congregation.


SECURITY: The administrator of the congregation Gmail account can use the forwarding feature to automatically forward the recording reports with email link to any or all of your approved brothers in all of your congregations.


If EACH of your congregations meeting in the same auditorium have PRIVATE PINS you must have a Gmail address for EACH congregation.


SECURITY: The administrator of the congregation Gmail account can use the forwarding feature to automatically forward the recording reports with email link to any or all of your approved brothers in their congregation.


IMPORTANT: We do NOT send reports to private email addresses. Email Reports with the meeting Recording Link, sent from MyMeetings.org conference bridge are sent ONLY to a congregation Gmail address. 











The Gmail should be set up as follows.

There should be a ( . ) period between words and numbers etc. for easy reading.

Your state.your congregation name.your Zip code @gmail.com

EXAMPLE GMAIL ADDRESS:  < ga.bellflats.30102@gmail.com


EXAMPLE: Outline to follow for Gmail Setup  IMPORTANT: Enter the Congregation Name as the first name and Congregation as the last name on the Gmail set up form.  By doing this your Gmail will always show the Congregation Name, when Gmail is opened.




Your Gmail administrator can use the forwarding feature of Gmail to automatically forward the incoming Gmail to any brothers in your congregation or KH who need to to receive this information from MyMeetings.org. You can change these as needed.



After you set up your NEW Gmail address or addresses send us an email from the new accounts and INCLUDING YOUR CONGREGATION CONFERENCE PIN NUMBERS to Info@MyMeetings.org  This will insure that we get your new congregation Gmail correctly and attached it to your congregation account for forwarding your recording links.  (recordings of your meetings)


Thank you for you patience and cooperation