What is a phone patch and how does it work? 

The phone patch is a device that makes it possible to easily connect the KH sound system to your telephone line which is then connected to the telephones of other individuals.


Only one ordinary phone line is required to connect your meetings to a telephone line



Phone Patch

Models  TLV-1,   TLV-2,  TLV-4, TIF102,  TIF401, TCP 1-LRM  XCOM - XE005E

If you have a Hanstech device the black RCA jack on back  (6 above) provides (mono) audio from the commenter to be fed back into your sound system, when the RECEIVE switch is pressed.


Hansen Phone Patch

With built in matching transformer 


The Hansen Phone Patch has been the favorite mode of connecting Kingdom Halls to their phone meetings for many years.


Brother Hansen had a small work shop at his home where he designed and built these remarkable, reliable units for many years.


Sad to say that of 01/26/2016 Brother Hansen will no longer carry on this long tradition. Brother and Sister Hansen are undergoing distressing health issues in their latter years and need time to be together. Unfortunately there is no one to carry on his legacy.


We all thank you Brother Hansen for the wonderful device we have enjoyed using for so many years and will continue to do so until they work no more.   


Your Brothers





Kingdom Halls have been around for years likely have this Phone Patch box. 


If you already have the ability to connect your sound system to the telephone line and connect one or two individuals to your Kingdom Hall meeting by using three way calling then you already have enough equipment to get started with conferencing.


If you have a Hansen Phone patch box but have misplaced your instructions click below.


SEE: Setup & Operating Instructions




Your sound system may not have a separate mixer as shown in this illustration. If that is the case, plug the output from the phone patch box jack #6 directly into the mixer-amplifier's auxiliary INPUT or where the music is normally connected. Your system may have more than one audio input.



The newer telephone interface phone patch boxes do NOT have the feature which permits commenting by participants from home.


Telephone patch equipment can vary considerably depending on what options you are going to need.


Questions and Answers

Question: How many people can we connect to our KH amplifier?

Answer: The KH-PP connects the KH sound system to ONE Telephone line. You can get more people on that one  line by using the local telephone company's service called 3-way Calling or connecting to a Conference Bridge. A Conference Bridge can connect numerous individuals who dial the same phone number of the conference bridge.


To connect the KH just dial the conference bridge phone number and then turn on the KH-PP then hang up the phone and every one who dials the conference bridge number will hear your meeting, providing they have the PIN number assigned to your congregation..

If you call your local telephone company about conferencing do NOT mention hooking up the KH sound system amplifier to the phone line or the KH-PP box. To do so will only confuse the person on the phone and delay your questions being answered. Many customer service reps at the phone company have never heard of a conference bridge let alone hooking up an amplifier to the phone line.

Question: Is this easy to hook up?
Answer: Yes, it's Practically Plug-n-Play! Consult your installation book that came with your Phone Patch Box.

Question: How do brothers at home make comments during the program?
Answer: This is done by "prearrangement or by viewing the web portal". Friends at home can press a * key to raise their hand and sound operator sees that persons hand raised on web portal. If done manually when connection is made, ask the person at home if he or she would like to make a comment. If they do, ask which paragraph and then inform the WT Study conductor. Then he calls on "Sister Smith" from the platform. The brother operating the sound equipment then holds down a receive switch allowing for the comment to enter the KH sound system speakers. When he lets go, it automatically goes back to transmit mode KH sound to listeners.

IMPORTANT: Congregations may benefit from commenting from home, however larger congregations with many comments are more challenging. A well trained sound attendant is key to good commenting. Practice won't make it perfect but it will be much better.


Question: Do I need anything else to make this work? If you have the KH-PP that is all you need.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to get good surge protector for the AC power and phone line. Lightening strike is NOT covered under warranty. You are connecting your sound system to the best lightning collector in the world, the phone lines.


The KH-PP or equivalent is all you will need to connect your KH telephone and sound equipment and our Conference Bridge.













Amplifies telephone audio signal for loud, clear audio at home.

Permits commenting from home.

IMPORTANT: Since this device does NOT amplify the KH telephone audio, your PA or sound system MUST have an amplified audio OUT jack or earphone jack in order for this device to work properly. 

If your sound system has an RCA audio jack or earphone jack  the G-PP Phone Patch can be connected directly to either. 


On/Off switch holds phone line open for phone meetings

CAUTION: Do NOT connect connect G-PP Phone Patch directly to 25-50-70-100 volt speaker terminals.


Matching Transformer Assembly



Transformer connects directly to PA 25-50-70-100 volts speaker terminals, the 1/4". mono plug connect to, telephone phone interface device to provide a solid audio signal.




IMPORTANT: We highly recommend and strongly suggest using a premium surge protector on the phone line and AC power to protect your Phone Patch from lightning surge damage.  Lightening surge is the most frequent cause of damage to Phone Patch boxes since they contain delicate electronic components and are connected directly to a Phone line coming from outside of your building as well as to the AC power circuit in your building.  Both lines are coming in to your equipment from wires strung high in the air outside. These wires are effected by lightening either directly or by induction raising the line voltage beyond the tolerance of the equipment.  A premium surge protector is highly recommended and is much cheaper than the phone patch box!








Broadcast HI Definition Audio by Internet Equipped Computer or Laptop



NO Phone required if connecting KH by Internet

NO Unlimited Long Distance Required

NO local dial in phone number required

View meeting live through private web portal

See who is listening online

All listeners microphones are muted unless you un-mute them

No room sounds heard by others

Boot off or block uninvited participants 

See who wants to comment from home by their raised hand on your screen

Get email report after each meeting of number of listeners online

Get a recording of each meeting for private use ONLY!









Mike cable for PA system with RCA or earphone jack.

KH3 Audio does NOT require a mike cable

Other PA systems require the Mike Cable




Some audio systems do NOT have an audio OUT jack for audio to computer or laptop audio IN and require an Interface Transformer






Transformer connects to speaker terminals to provide audio OUT  for computer connection.

Mono Cable connects to transformer OUT and plugs into computer IN or laptop mike IN


M-TR 70 volt Line Level Transformer   Required when there is no  audio OUT on PA   






1. PA System to OLDER Laptop


for Mike IN &  Head phone port 


2. Mike Cable to Jumper for NEWER Laptops (LT)




3. Newer laptops have only ONE combined audio socket for mike and head set. These  require both the Jumper Cable and  Adapter.

Older laptop with separate mike IN & head phone jack. There are two (2) sockets Mike IN and Headphone on older laptops. (NO Adapter required)

Adapter required for newer laptops that have combined mike IN & head phone audio port. (Only ONE audio port)

Both Mike Cable & Adapter required for newer laptops.

Older LT have two (2) audio sockets

Newer LT have one (1) audio socket


Some audio systems do NOT have an audio out jack and require an Interface Transformer




Required when there is no  audio OUT on PA


4. M-TR 70 volt Line Level Transformer  





Connect KH sound system to Internet

"Plug & Play NO Programming Required"

 Transformer connects to speaker terminals to provide audio OUT  for computer connection.


Transformer, Audio Cable and USB Audio Device


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