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Thank you, we are now saving over $400.00 per year by switching to the MyMeetings.org service. Our new web portal has every feature we wanted and more. Wish we could have found you sooner.






We had used MyMeetings.org for years. When we finally got around to renovation our Hall we had a problem. We had to rent a auditorium a few miles away.  The phone company wanted a fortune to rout all of our phone lines to the new location.  We decided to call MyMeetings.org tech support and within an hour they had it all figured out. We did not have to pay anything extra to broadcast our meetings from the new location to our home-bound publishers.  What a relief, Thank You


NS Canada




I was really thrilled when a Brother called and told me about MyMeetings.org.  We are in a rural setting in Tennessee.  We have been paying over $1000.00 per month using an 800 toll free number at the rate of 2 cents per minute per publisher to connect to our meetings. I could not believe my ears when I hear that we could get a conference service designed just for Kingdom Halls to connect all of our friends to hear our meetings for just $240.00 per year. What a relief and what a savings!






We have a two Kingdom Hall complex with eight congregations in Orlando. Our attendants and friends want you to know that we have had three different conferencing services but MyMeetings.org is by far the best we have ever tried.  Our friends rave about getting to comment from home or hear a recording of a meeting they missed. We recommend it to Halls all around us.  Thank You So Much




Just wanted to say thank you Larry, for the many hours you have spent helping so many of us out here in New York!  I had to to give a talk away this morning so we missed our regular meeting. My wife and I decided this evening to listen to the recorded, morning meeting that we had missed. We downloaded it and the recording came thru flawlessly it was  just if we were there.-   THANK YOU!




We are really pleased with our conferencing service now that is being connected by the internet rather than a phone line. We are saving over $600.00 per year by dropping the sound station phone line. We installed the wire connection you suggested and now our shut-in publishers can comment at our meetings. These brothers and sister love the commenting feature and the congregation loves to hear their comments. Thank you for your help.




Our congregation saved over $400.00 per year by switching to the MyMeetings.org Premier Service and dropping our secondary phone line at the Kingdom Hall. The sound quality is excellent and our homebound publishers love commenting from home!




Thank you for showing us how to permit out homebound publishers to comment at meetings. Our homebound publishers can now press a key on their phone to raise their hand on the KH computer screen and with just one click the sound attendant places them right into our meeting at the right time so everyone can hear their comments. We had no idea that allowing out isolated publishers to comment during meetings could be so easy. Some isolated publishers comment "It is almost like being there".




Thank you for showing our four congregations how to save dedicated funds and have a superior conferencing service.  We are now saving over $700.00 dollars each year just by switching to MyMeetings.org.  They showed us how we can save another $600.00 per year by using some service we were not aware of.  Thank you





Our Kingdom Hall was experiencing a few issues at once. Since our Bridge Link had died we decided to start using the WebCall function.  At first we had an issue keeping connections but after speaking with Brother Stevens we were able to remedy that problem by disabling our Wi-Fi and connecting via CAT5 only.  Then we experienced another issue some friends calls were being dropped, again Brother Stevens was quick to jump in with help.  He offered that our phone company may be the culprit.  So we disabled a feature on our KH telephone number and voilą it was all fixed.  A few days later Brother Stevens was emailing me again checking in and letting me know this time that i didn't need to trouble shoot any longer as he was seeing that the issue had been resolved by looking at the logs on their side.  What a huge help he was and is to our Friends.  Thank you so much!





The service we are getting is Fantastic. I love the fact we can download a copy of the meeting afterwards. Surprised too that files are compressed so low but the quality is still there. I think some of our neighboring congregations might be switching to your service.





Thank you very much. I am truly impressed with your stick-to-itiveness in helping us find what looks like the best solution. I would be happy to recommend your services to any congregation. And you can quote me on that!



When ask how do you like the Bridge-Link Service?  The reply was "It is the best service we have ever used and we have tried several"




HARD OF HEARING: We have used other conferencing services before, however the quality was never what we really needed. Our hard of hearing friends had a difficult  time hearing some meeting parts. The new *83 volume control feature with unlimited gain control lets our hard of hearing listeners adjust the volume to their needs. Thank you so very much.




The Basic service we subscribed to has worked great for several year. We were elated when you added the NEW mute feature which allows our sound attendant to mute listeners phones by dialing a * code form the KH, that is all we needed to make it perfect. Thanks!



We used the service for the first time today and it worked great. It is really reasonably priced when we divide the cost by the number of congregations that meet here. The friends said the sound quality was excellent. One sister said "It was like being there". What an improvement over the three way chain or piggy back calls we were using!

Thanks again for helping us set up this service. 



Just a short note to let you know that we received everything and that everything is up and running beautifully. Our brothers and sisters love it. We have had several comments like, perfect, wonderful and beautiful. We have one dear sister who is nearly ninety and legally blind. We printed the numbers out for her in large print and she has no trouble hooking up. Our brothers and sisters wanted me to thank you for the hard work you have done in setting this up. They truly appreciate it.


I want you to know know how much our home bound and assisted living friends appreciate the MyMeetings.org service. They never miss a meeting now and they want me to thank you for brightening their days. We have had several conference services in the past but this is the best we ever had . Thanks


We have tried other services like this before but always got disappointed. They always promised more than they could deliver. The MyMeetings.org service has never disappointed us in any way. Our friends love it.  The price is right for us since we have four congregations meeting here and by using the same service for all four it is very inexpensive compared to other services.


We are new to KH conferencing here in Canada. We heard about your service several years ago but did not think we could get it here. Our home bound friends really appreciate your service. It is so easy to connect to the meetings. They never miss a meeting now and really appreciate the service.



The Bridge-Link would not work in our area so we had to go with a local dial-in phone number. We are well satisfied with the service after and prompt support we have received. After using it for several years we do not hesitate to recommend it to others.




The Bridge-Link would not work for us since our phone company did not offer unlimited long distance and there was no local dial in phone number available for our area so we went with the 800 toll free service.  The service is great and it is affordable.





MyMeetings.org has many more favorable comments that could listed, however they  all basically say the same thing!






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