Kingdom Hall Phone Meetings

(Commenting By Phone)





How To Make Comments During Meetings





There are numerous phone patch systems available but all are NOT equal.  Many newer phone patch systems permit voice signals in ONE direction only, from the sound system to the telephone.  They do not permit sound from the phone to enter the sound system so comments can not be heard by listeners from home etc.


If already have a device like the one shown here you may be able to permit listeners comment during meetings.




Commenting from home is a little like dancing, it really helps if both parties know the routine, what to expect next and be ready to respond promptly.


Practice makes perfect! So they say.


Give it a try.


Does your phone patch look like this?  

If it does you are ready to go!




Connections: See numbers in back of device at right

  1. Audio Input (stereo)

  2. Power

  3. Phone Line IN

  4. Phone line to KH phone and or Bridge-Link (need phone line splitter)

  5. Speaker connections from output on sound amplifier 70 Volt. See instruction that came with unit.

  6. Phone patch Audio OUT #6 to Audio IN on KH sound system for commenting from home. To audio input jack with gain control.



Your sound system may not have a separate mixer as shown in this illustration. If that is the case, plug the output from the phone patch box jack #6 directly into the mixer-amplifier's auxiliary INPUT or where the music is normally connected. Your system may have more than one audio input.


SEE: Setup & Operating Instructions provides two different types of conference connections.




1. Premium (Deluxe) Service provides a web portal to allow the KH sound attendant to view listeners details during meetings by Internet or Smart phone. Premium Conferences provide an email report to be sent to the COBE after each meeting plus a recording of each meeting.


If you have our Premium service you will be able to log into your account.  If your Pin codes do not allow you to LOGIN you do not have our Premium service. See Number 2 for Standard Service instructions.  


Enter your Listeners Pin in upper box

Enter KH Pin in lower box


Click HELP upper right of page

Click HOW DO I?

Click How To Use The Raise Your Hand Feature



Read all of the information on this page.



He click the check beside their name to allow them to comment at the appropriate time, he then holds the Transmit/ Receive switch on the Phone Patch Box in the RECEIVE position during the comment.


After the comment he then returns to Transmit and clicks the on screen box beside their name to re-mute their phone.


Read all details about commenting with the Premium services online.



2. 800 Toll Free Service (Simplified Commenting) This allows listeners to comment, providing the listeners communicate with the sound attendant prior to meetings and arrange for a comment on a specific paragraph. This must be communicated to the conductor prior to the meeting. The listener and the sound attendant must pay attention and be ready for the comment.


Sound attendant are you having a hard time hearing the friends on your KH phone due to noisy, room sounds (talking laughing music etc) before meetings begin.  Why are you hearing all this noise? The microphone on the KH phone handset is picking up the auditorium room sounds (noise) and feeding it back into the ear phone of the handset you are using. This can be remedied by pressing the mute button on the KH phone when listening and un-muting when talking with friends. Secondly you can use an extension phone on the same phone line located in another room (library or office etc.) where it is quiet.  Either way you can converse with the friends who are on line, finding out who is listening in and how many are at each location. Ask who wants to make a comment and on which paragraph etc. Make a duplicate note one for the conductor and one for the sound attendant. Pass them on to the right persons. The conductor will know who wants to make a phone  comment from home and the sound attendant will be ready to press the receive switch. When you finish getting your information hang up the extension phone.


At the appropriate time for a specific listener to comment the listener must un-mutes their phone and the sound attendant must hold the Transmit/ Receive switch on the Phone Patch Box in the RECEIVE position during the comment.  


After the comment he then returns the switch to the TRANSMIT position and the listener re-mutes their phone.


"Practice makes Perfect So they Say"


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