MyMeetings.org Kingdom Hall Conferencing Solutions



We will do our utmost to insure that you are fully satisfied with the service we provide.



If for any reason you are considering canceling your service, please contact us first to see if there is something we can do to rectify the reason you want to cancel.   We aim to please, just ask and see!


1. You want a feature or features that the service you have now does not provide.

2. You want to connect KH meetings by internet.

3. You want to lower your telephone bill.

4. You want a less expensive service.

5. Your congregation can not afford the service you have. (We work closely with congregations is depressed areas to help them keep their service)




If the service we provide does not perform as stated on our web page you may choose to change to one of the other services we provide. 


We do not refund Setup fees.


As a general policy, we do not provide refunds for unused services. Refunds may be allowed if a customer's service is not working for reasons within our control, or if an error has been made by us on charges to the customers account.

If a customer requests a refund, they must submit the form below within 30 days of setting up the service, and the customer must also supply a valid reason for the refund request. If we determine a refund is appropriate, the unused portion of the payment will be refunded back to the customer.


PAYMENT SCHEDULE: We understand we will NOT receive a standard annual invoice or bill.  In an effort to keep our expenses as low as possible and save dedicated funds a Payment Schedule will be provided along with our initial conference set up instructions.   The PERMANENT Payment Schedule will provide the amount and date payment is due each year. Domestic Service USA Canada: We understand we will be required to make a copy of the schedule and return it with a check by our congregation or operating account servant prior to the due date each year. If we fail to mail our payment prior to the due date there is an automatic late fee of $50.00 US. The payment can be mailed any time during the year prior to the due date. (We understand the the post mark will determine the date mailed). Foreign Service: We understand we are required to make a bank transfer prior to the renewal date each year. Domestic and Foreign: We understand that it is OUR responsibility to keep up with the Payment Schedule by forwarding it to the Brother who submits payment for our service.  It is his responsibility to read it and to keep tabs on it by placing it with his unpaid bills and marking his calendar for prompt payment each year.  We understand and agree that by submitting our application for this service, we accept the terms of the Payment Schedule! 

IMPORTANT: If you the customer desires to cancel  service, you must notify us a minimum of 30 days prior to the renewal date of your service by submitting the cancellation form found BELOW.  If you the customer fail to notify us by the means we have provided for canceling your service, you the customer agree to continue the service for another year. 


800 Toll Free Service: MyMeetings.org purchases the 800 toll free number for your service one year in advance, in order to get the best rate possible. If you are using our 800 toll Free service and desire to drop it or change services before the renewal date there is NO refund of unused service since we paid for your 800 service one year in advance. 


Do  NOT  call or email MyMeetings.org to notify us that you are canceling your service.


ALL cancellations must be done properly by filling out and submitting the cancellation notification form below.