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     Read Before You Call 


SUGGESTION: Follow written instructions closely. Train Sound Attendants to follow written instructions carefully. Each Sound Attendant should practice setting up meetings before actually trying to set up real meeting. If you are having a problem follow your instructions step by step to insure you are following them correctly.


Q. How can we practice setting up meetings by phone?  


A. Log in on a computer or smart phone to your web portal.


CLICK LOGIN on your computer or smart phone.  

You will see this box on the web portal.


After you enter the web portal

Enter Listeners PIN in upper box

Enter Host PIN pin  lower box




Watch the computer screen, and see the callers login.


Have a friend dial the KH phone number.

Have a friend dial the long distance phone number with a Cell phone that has FREE nights and weekend minutes or Land line with Unlimited Long Distance.

Have a friend connect with an Internet equipped computer with Google Voice chat.


Watch the computer screen, and see the callers login information.

  1. From the KH, dial the access number assigned to you and become a HOST.

  2. IMPORTANT: Turn on phone interface (Hanstech Box) to keep phone line OPEN.

  3. Watch the computer screen and you will see the KH login as a HOST if checked.

  4. Now play music, speak from microphone from platform etc.

  5. Practice using * keys to control and end the meeting.

  6. Look at your meeting reports to see if everything is being done correctly.

  7. Listen to or delete recordings.

  8. End practice meeting by dialing *91

Why do I see several calls from the KH with no name on the web portal?


Some phone companies do NOT pass  the caller ID of a calling party when the call is transferred to a different number. The Bridge-Link is transferring these calls from the KH phone to our conference bridge, therefore the caller ID may not show up.


How can I tell who these individuals are? Click on the blue arrow on the left side of each phone number and the callers name and number of listeners at their location will be played to you.


Make absolutely sure anyone setting up a phone meeting understands and practices written instructions before doing so.


If having a problem: A report is saved for EVERY meeting, including all callers and a recording of the meeting to trouble shoot problems. Run a detailed report for the day of the meeting in question.  ALWAYS check your online meeting reports FIRST and make sure meetings are being set up correctly before contacting us.  Operator error accounts for the majority of complaints.


We have the B-L unit plugged in and it answers properly


Q. When the KH dials the access number we can not operate the * keys to increase volume, or mute listeners phones.


What's wrong?


A. When the KH dials in they MUST become a HOST in order to use the * keys. Dialing in as a listener does NOT give access to ALL * key functions.




Q. When the KH dials the access number and connects as a Host and then hangs up the handset the conference is disconnected.


What's wrong?


A. The sound attendant MUST turn the phone interface  (Hanstech box) ON before hanging up the telephone handset. The phone interface box MUST be in the ON position to keep the phone line open. If the phone interface box is not turned ON before hanging up the KH phone handset the call will be dropped!


We have received the B-L unit and plugged it in

but is does not seem to be working.


What's wrong?


  1. Power cord must be plugged into a live 110 volt AC socket.

  2. The indicator light comes on only when a call is received and when transferring a call.

  3. Make sure the gray phone cord is plugged into the same telephone line that the sound station phone is connected to.

  4. On the back of the B-L the gray phone cord must be plugged into the socked marked LINE not PHONE. The socked marked PHONE is a technical data port for diagnostics only. DO NOT plug anything into this socket.

  5. The B-L is wired to work only on  line 1 of a telephone wiring system.

  6. Some sound station phones are wired for line 2 and require a Line 1 / Line 2 splitter.


Line-1 / Line-2 Splitter

The use of a line splitter eliminates rewiring of the phone wall socket


Radio Shack   (PICKUP at your local radio shack)

The above is a special phone jack splitter which separates your lines as follows:

L1 = LINE 1 signal only
L2 = LINE 2 signal only
L1 + L2 = LINE 1 & LINE 2

Install the splitter by plugging it into the wall phone socket. Then plug one end of the gray phone cord into the L2 socket of the splitter and the other end into the B-L socket marked LINE.. This will divert the phone signal from line-2 to line-1.


How does a the Line-1  / Line-2 splitter work?

Two Line Splitter turned upside down


Notice L1+L2 has 4 pins in that socket. The 2 middle pins are L1  and the 2 outer pins are L2. Notice that L1 socket and L2 socket only have 2 pins each. If you plug a 4 conductor phone cord into either L1 or  L2 socket, only the 2 center wires of the phone cord will transmit signal as there are no outer pins on the individual L1 and L2 sockets, thus no signal is transmitted on the outer two wires of a 4 conductor phone cord.


The splitter takes the signal from the 2 outer pins in the L1+ L2 socket and diverts the signal to the 2 center pins in the L2 socket.  Now the B-L will work when plugged into the L2 socket.


  1. The B-L does not answer. Why?  Do you have a Centrex phone system that requires callers to dial 9 to get an outside line before dialing a phone number? If so let us know and we will program  the B-L to work on the Centrex system. (SEE Centrex below)

  2. The B-L answers but does not connect to the conference. Why?  A. The phone line does not have the Call Transfer feature activated. B. The call Transfer feature is activated on the wrong KH phone line.




Sometimes called 3 way call with disconnect


This feature is sometimes accidentally turned off by the local phone company especially if you make any kind of change to your service.


 Run this test to insure you have Call Transfer activated on the phone line the Bridge-Link is connected to. Bridge-Link will NOT operate without this phone feature being active.

  • Have someone dial the phone number of the line you have the FEATURE activated on.

  • Answer the call.

  • Press the flash button on the phone

  • You should get a dial tone.

  • If you have a Standard phone system dial 1-404-952-2679 and hang up the phone.

  • If you have Centrex phone system dial 9-1-404-952-2679 and hang up the phone.

  • If your dial in sequence is different from the one described above, use it.  If it works let us know the exact dial in sequence so we can reprogram your Bridge-Link to comply with your exact dial in procedure for Call Transfer.

  • If the person who called you hears the female voice answer with Greeting you have Call Transfer.

  • If the two parties are disconnected when you hang up, you have three way calling and NOT Call Transfer and this will NOT work.

  • It the call did not go through or you get a (quick repeating) busy signal, you do NOT have Call Transfer.


  1. The B-L answers and transfers to the conference then hangs up. Why? The phone line has 3 way calling activated and NOT call transfer or 3 way call with disconnect.

  2. Sometimes a caller receives a message that says leave a message. Why? The phone line has voice mail and another caller is being transferred to the conference, so the line is temporarily busy so the voice mail picked up and not the Bridge-Link.

  3. Callers complain about getting a busy signal. Why? The B-L is like a gate it permits listeners to enter the conference one at a time. A regular busy signal indicates someone is entering the conference. From the time the B-L answers to the time the call is transferred and the B-L is ready for another call takes approximately 15 seconds.

  4. Sometimes our service cuts off for no apparent reason. Why? Do you have call waiting on that phone line? If so when someone dial your number and your phone is in use a signal is sent to your phone similar to your pressing the flash button on the phone this may cause a brief opening in the phone line signal which the Auto Disconnect feature which is activated on the Conference Bridge recognizes this signal as a hang up and immediately disconnects all callers from the conference.  Remedy: Have the call waiting feature removed from that phone line to reduce the possibility of this happening again.

 Information about two and three line telephone connections


 We can NOT get Call Transfer what can we do?  Get Centrex!

  What is Centrex?  It is a phone system that requires you to dial 9 before dialing a phone number.  In some areas Call Transfer is not available from the local telephone company. At that point ask to be transferred to the Centrex office.  Centrex is for business customers and most KH are business customers. Call Transfer is a major feature with the Centrex system since virtually all businesses use Call Transfer to transfer incoming calls to different departments, different offices or individuals in various other areas.

We have Centrex and the Bridge-Link but it does not answer. Why? Did you tell us you had Centrex when ordering. If you have a Centrex phone system it requires callers to dial 9 to get an outside line before dialing a phone number? Please let us know about Centrex when ordering. We will program the B-L to work on your Centrex system. If you get Centrex after receiving the Bridge-Link we can program it remotely to work.

If you have Centrex we can program the Bridge-Link remotely to work with your system.

 If you are using Centrex and the Bridge-Link you must cancel the rollover feature on the phone line that the Bridge-Link is plugged into. Other wise when two people dial in at the same time, one will be connected to the meeting and the other will not because they were rolled over to your next phone line and the phone will ring.

 If you have rollover on the line Bridge-Link is plugged into, two different things can happen: 

  1. The second caller will be rolled over to your next phone number (line).

  2. The second caller will hear the mail voice asking them to wait and then hear touchtone dialing. This occurs when the previous caller was connected to the meeting and the phone number in use was then rolled over to the next number which did not have call transfer activated on it. When the Bridge-Link tried to make a connection with call transfer it was not available on that line so you heard the touch tone dialing that should have gone to call transfer to transfer the call.

 Many KH use Centrex and it works every time if set up correctly.


  If the problem persist contact us for help 


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